Brown CS Master’s Student Chris Mascioli, Greenwald Win Tournament At The International Automated Negotiation Agents Competition

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This August, Brown CS Master’s student Chris Mascioli, along with Professor Amy Greenwald, won the agent negotiation tournament in the Supply Chain Management League at the 12th annual International Automated Negotiation Agents Competition (ANAC), held this year at the International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) in Vienna, Austria.

The main motivation behind the SCML is to increase the relevance of autonomous negotiation research by focusing on real-world scenarios that are characterized by dynamic, endogenous utility functions. Further, agents in this league need not only decide how to negotiate in a single negotiation session, but how to coordinate the behavior of their negotiators across multiple concurrent negotiations.

This year’s competition simulated a supply chain consisting of multiple factories that bought and sold products from one another. The factories were represented by autonomous agents that acted as factory managers. Each agent decided which other agents to buy and sell from and then negotiated with them. Their goal was to turn a profit, and the winner was the agent with the highest profit (averaged over multiple simulations).

This achievement follows the success of Brown CS Professor Amy Greenwald at last year’s event, where she and a team of Brown CS students and Turkish collaborators won three awards, and at the 2019 competition, where she and Brown CS PhD student Enrique Areyan Viqueira won a second place award.

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